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WOW, How could you do that? It looks like, I am reading someone’s story from a journal. You are incredible. You made my life story look so great. I know I did a lot more than what I say here, but always feel that I am not reflecting it. So you did it, make me reflect my true story. Thank you very much. I know I will definitely join residency now. I am so much satisfied with the decision of picking you as editor.

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Top Nurse Residency Programs 2014


Nurse residency programs 2014 was designed in supporting students in meeting their needs and leveling up their education. If you are looking for best residency programs in the world because you have plans applying for, here is a great list.


Nursing Residency Programs 2014

  • University Health System Consortium: The nurse residency program is based on evident based curriculum that is supportive and interactive. The program guides students to face challenges of changes in healthcare system, increasing patient acuity and advances in technologies and treatment. The curriculum topic includes leadership, professional development, communication, leadership, evidence based practice and patient safety minimizing risk.
  • Penn State University: The program provides support to students, expertise and encouragement. Students will be engaged to orientation, educational opportunities, seminars and activities that help students for personal growth, burgeoning self-confidence and skill development.
  • UC Davis: The mission of the residency program is to promote excellence in individuals by delivering strategies and innovative programs. They are inspiring students in reaching their full potential where their discoveries and contributions help community and other people. The program is providing a reliable, fair and trustworthy service. The faculty of them has the compassion and the commitment in educating students.
  • Tufts University: The nurse residency program of the institution is preparing students to become successful. The curriculum of the program provides in-depth learning through seminars and training, They also offer hands on clinical experience, participation to evidence based project and professional development. Students who complete the program will develop their decision-making, skills leadership; incorporate research evidence skills and more.
  • University of Wisconsin: The nurse residency program of the university is recognized as an exemplary program by Magnet Commission. The prestigious program is helping nurses in moving forward to what they choose. Students will work through numerous series of work and learning experiences. The program of the university is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

If you want to meet your needs and become a great nurse, you need to choose the best residency program that helps you in achieving what you want. You need to choose the university that will support you with your education throughout your years of studying in the school.

Start to choose and be ready to apply today!