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New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Samples


In order to write a cover letter for nursing, you can find many nursing personal statement samples as well as new graduate nurse cover letter samples online that you can view. If you have plans in applying for internship, externship or hob, you are required in constructing a magnificent cover letter because it is your chance to share about your strengths and skills for the employer to meet his needs.

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Cover Letter for New Graduate Nurse

As a fresh nursing graduate, you are about to enter a new journey to start your career. Upon submitting your application, you are also about to send a cover letter together with your resume. Here are some of the common but serious mistakes that you should avoid when writing a cover letter.

  1. Making everything about yourself. Although your cover letter aims to help your resume sell your skills and experience, it should not only be about yourself. You can use the context of the employer in discussing the job requirements specified for the position. Anchor these requirements with your training, skills, and experience.
  2. Typos and grammatical errors. Your cover letter should be flawless and free from any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. A letter filled with errors means that an applicant is careless, which is very vital in healthcare service. Read, review, and proofread the letter before sending.
  3. Unsupported claims. Your cover letter is a representation of yourself in written form. It should be truthful and honest. Do not include information that is not true and you cannot prove when verified. Employers have the right to check your background and any information you included in your letter. If they are proven wrong or falsified, your journey to a successful job will soon be gone.

new graduate nurse cover letter samples by expertSample Cover Letter for Nurse Residency Program

Before you start creating your own so-called cover letter for new graduate nurse, checking out samples will help you to get started especially if you have a hard time creating the letter. The fact is that writing a cover letter is not that easy because you need time and put effort. With that in mind, searching for new graduate nurse cover letter examples on the internet is a good help for you. Here is a sample cover letter for nurse residency program that serves as your guide:

graduate nurse cover letter sample

Your addressCity, state and zip code


Name of the person (You should avoid writing to whom it may concern. It is better when you check out the name of the person)




City, State and zip code


In your introductory paragraph, you need to introduce yourself and be sure you will explain about your interest in the position you are applying for. You can also mention how you heard about the job position. You need also to outline about your strengths that fit for the position.

The next paragraph is about highlighting your specific skills and qualities that match for the position. It is better when you think of the competencies you gained. If you read on the job description that the recruiter is seeking for relevant clinical experience, great teamwork skills, and organized person, you can use it as your focus in your paragraph.

Your next paragraph should be about your competency.

The last paragraph is a short summary of why you are interested in the job, a recap of your strengths and good sentiments.


Your name with signature

There you go a good sample you can follow in creating your cover letter. If you want to know more samples, researching on the web is a good idea but do not waste your time because the sample above can be your help to get started.cover letter for new graduate nurse writing

But in the situation when deadlines are already looming on the horizon or when you are doubting about your ability in creating a strong application paper, it is better to ask for the help of professionals. Our new graduate nurse cover letter writing service has a team of professional writers with a medical background and we are ready to provide you with the expert assistance with your application process. We guarantee to create for you outstanding documents that will meet all your expectations!

With our new graduate nurse cover letter samples you can get a better grasp of writing such type of documents! Don’t hesitate to avail a needed expert help right away!