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WOW, How could you do that? It looks like, I am reading someone’s story from a journal. You are incredible. You made my life story look so great. I know I did a lot more than what I say here, but always feel that I am not reflecting it. So you did it, make me reflect my true story. Thank you very much. I know I will definitely join residency now. I am so much satisfied with the decision of picking you as editor.

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How to Prepare a Good Nursing School Personal Statement


Creating a well written nursing residency personal statement is a difficult task to many applicants. Not only is this written requirement a basis for selection but has become an integral part to effectively evaluate your personality and abilities. This article is intended to assist you in crafting a high quality personal statement well suited to your needs:

  1. One of the most common errors when writing your nursing school personal statement is flooding your essay with lies and unnecessary details. Remember that deception can weave inconsistencies in your essay.
  2. Plan ahead in time what details you will include in your nursing residency personal statement. You can discuss one event that influenced you to pursue nursing or contribute to the development of the medical field. Do not forget to revise, re-read and edit. Eliminate any errors in spelling, grammar, word usage, language, tone and structure. You can also get feedback from your professors or friends with medical background.
  3. Use a single structure in your nursing school personal statement. Never copy paste details as this may deviate from the flow and style of your essay. Plagiarism is considered to be a serious crime and credibility is important when applying for a residency program. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your personal statement make the necessary changes in order to ensure its efficiency.
  4. The main objective of a nursing residency personal statement is to distinguish you from other applicants. Never repeat information that is also available in your CV; focus on highlighting your ability to work with others, work under pressure and commitment to top standards.
  5. A nursing school personal statement is a representation of you. Make use of this written requirement in order to express responsibilities, leadership roles and competency in nursing to ensure your candidacy.