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Best Help with Adult Nursing Personal Statement Buzzwords


Which Words Are Called “Buzzwords”?

Buzzwords are generally referred to as special terms, words, phrases or expressions that are “a trend” nowadays. In other words, buzzwords are currently fashionable speech formulas used to fascinate and impress the audience and show the author’s awareness with the latest tendencies. In most cases buzzwords are neologisms. If we talk about adult medicine buzzwords, these expressions may be easily found in the net. The point is whether an applicant should use buzzwords in his/her nursing personal statement. Here are some tips on adult nursing personal statement buzzwords use.

adult nursing personal statement sample

How to Use Buzzwords in Nursing Personal Statements

The adult nursing personal statement buzzwords are known in the medical circles, so if you use them in your personal essay you can do no harm. The other important thing is not to overuse them, because this may cause a negative effect on the members of the admission board. The adult nursing personal statement buzzwords should be used in measure to indicate you are interested in the chosen medical sphere and are eager to get new knowledge.

adult nursing personal statement keywords

Examples of Adult Medicine Buzzwords

You may use several famous buzzwords in your adult medicine residency personal statement. For instance, describe the term “teachback”, that it used for the re-training of some patients during the course of medical treatment. After the course some patients need the doctor’s words and instructions to be repeated to them. That is why, when the doctor asks the patient to repeat the instructions once again, they say it is the case of “teachback”.

Another popular adult medicine buzzwords are EHR (“electronic heart records”), HIT (“health information technology”), EMR (“electronic medical records”) etc. You may find the list of child nursing personal statement buzzwords you need in the Internet.
examples of adult medicine buzzwords paragraphs

Nursing Personal Statement Keywords
  1. Care
  2. Patience
  3. Assessing
  4. Examining
  5. Extrapolating
  6. Investigating
  7. Evaluating
  8. Diagnosing
  9. Collecting
  10. Innovative
  1. Assessing
  2. Informing
  3. Executing
  4. Prescription
  5. Consulting
  6. Administrating
  7. Treating
  8. Improving
  9. Calculating
  10. Executing

Custom Adult Nursing Personal Statement with Buzzwords

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